Manny Pacquiao Tired of Waiting For Floyd Mayweather


I just hope that sometime in in this generation a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will occur. It would be like the Miami Heat versus the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, but for now it seems as likely as a Bobcats-Timberwolves matchup.

The latest reports from indicates that Pacquiao has filed new papers in a defamation suit against Floyd Mayweather. has the details:

According to the documents, Manny’s camp offered up 24 dates for Floyd to be deposed — but Mayweather kept coming up with excuses as to why he couldn’t show up for any of them.

Manny claims Floyd often blamed his intense boxing training for the scheduling issues — but says it’s all BS … because on many of the days Floyd said he was training, he was seen partying at various nightclubs in Vegas and Atlanta.

Though a real boxing match has not started yet, the chess match is well underway as a date for a potential fight is far from imminent. From Pacquiao’s camp, it seems as if Floyd Mayweather is dodging every chance to fight.

I personally believe that Pacquiao would probably slightly defeat the idle Floyd Mayweather should they meet up. Regardless of Bernard Hopkins’ input, Pacquiao has proven to be a bonified boxer and is the number one pound for pound boxer today. If the Pacquiao camp really has offered up 24 dates and they’ve been declined by Mayweather, then Floyd has some explaining to do to the rest of the world.


  1. You do know they are talking about dates for a court apperance for the defamation lawsuit, not dates for them to have a boxing match, right?

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