Mark Sanchez Teased By Teammates and Rex Ryan Over GQ Article and Pics

When I saw Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez wearing white pants with a fur coat in his recent GQ Magazine I knew he was going to get roasted by his teammates.

I don’t have any issue with the white pants. What gets me is the fur coat. I’m guessing these pictures were taken either during the spring or summer. I never saw someone wearing a fur coat during the summer. But I digress.

Center Nick Mangold had to address the white pants before Sanchez called a play during Wednesday’s morning walkthrough.

“I told him whoa, first off, let’s talk about them white pants,” Mangold said.

“I thought the white pants one was a little suspect with the fur coat and everything, channel a little Joe there,” Mangold said. “Sometimes I think Mark lets other people
decide his fashion wardrobe a little too much, but we’ll get him right.”

Jets’ new wide receiver had to get in on the fun too.

“I saw him and I asked him, Did you have bubbles in the tub?'” Mason said with a laugh. “He was a little upset. He said my balls were gonna go down this year, I won’t catch as many balls this year.”

Of course Rex Ryan had to address the statement that Sanchez wanted to fight him after the coach talked about possibly benching him last season.

When Ryan saw that, he had a graphic prepared for one of the early meetings as the Jets broke down film from he Houston game.

“There was a Tale of the Tape,” Ryan said. “Because I understand he wanted to fight me. So we just put all that stuff out there. I put my record at 1,000-0 and my key to victory was the ground and pound.”

The Jets also had the digital images flashing from all the flat screens in the facility for a day. The next time Mark is featured in GQ (I’m pretty sure he’ll be in there again; he is a sexy guy) I hope they put him in more manly clothes.

A man can only take a certain amount of teasing.

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