Melanie Paige Smith Sues Terrell Owens Again For Child Support


Melanie Paige Smith is not playing any games with T.O. and this child support.

In June, Ms. Smith sued T.O. for missing child support payments. Terrell paid the money and she withdrew the lawsuit.

Now, Ms. Smith is suing T.O. again for not paying child support for the month of August and claims he does not plan to make future payments.

Melanie Paige Smith, in a civil suit filed Aug. 9 in Fulton Superior Court, alleges Owens has not paid child support for the month of August and has said he does not plan to make future payments.

The flamboyant football player was ordered in May 2007 to pay $5,000 per month, according to the suit, which estimated his monthly income at $666,000.

Owens made June and July payments only after being threatened with legal action, the document states.

Damn T.O.! Pay your damn child support!


  1. Terrell, you know you have the wisdom of your grandma, the courage of your mom, PLEASE stop sexing with these nothing @ss women. You believe in God, when it’s time for you to have children seek God’s approval first. You defiantly acknowledge the children you have when you brought them on the TO Show last season, now you are trying to get right so you can do right. And here comes this *&*0@ Face “Melanie Paige Smith” come one dude you can do better, tell your self you must do better, ask God to guide you and you will do better.

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