Michael Beasley Shoves fan at New York City Playground Game

Yesterday, we reported on Matt Barnes punching a fan in the face. Now comes news that Michael Beasley shoved a heckler in the face at Dyckman Park in Washington Heights during a summer league game that featured Kevin Durant as well.

The “mushing” was caught on video.

According to the Associated Press, Beasley “mushed” the heckler before he was pulled away.

In the second half of a summer league game at Dyckman Park in Washington Heights, Beasley was jawing back and forth with a fan who was getting on his case. Then Beasley shoved the fan’s face and security intervened. A guard and teammates led the former Kansas State star away from the fan, though Beasley later shook the fan’s hand.

The former #2 overall pick of the Miami Heat who now plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves has had his share of stupid behavior and bad tattoo choices.

The “Super Cool Beas” tattoo was bad enough, but he compounded it with the little baggie of marijuana on the desk in the picture that got him into some hot water. I guess the fact that he was kicked out of the NBA Rookie Symposium because of pot should have been an indication that he might have a slight drug problem.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like Beasley is the sharpest tool in the shed. There is no truth to the rumor that when he was asked about playing in Europe, he asked if Amsterdam was in Europe.

3 thoughts on “Michael Beasley Shoves fan at New York City Playground Game

  • What Beasley did was out of line since many people were out there and he is still popular in the world of basketball. He should definitely be cool of it since he is on the public’s eye but at the end he and the fan shook hands which are good to see between parties.

  • As I have mentioned, this is a enterprise tool. It’s not a miracle machine. It could easily change into a further expense should you not put the persistence into finding out how to cash in on it.

  • Seriously? A DRUG problem? Come on, its weed we’re talking about here not crystal meth or cocaine. HAHA its hilarious that he had that in the picture and then posted without noticing.

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