Michael Irvin: Floyd Mayweather Making Brothers Look Bad Running From Pacquiao

I would say 80% of the country blames Floyd Mayweather for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight not happening.  Since the day it was first discussed I have been on top of the negotiations.

The question that no one knows is if Pacquiao agreed to drug testing in full would Mayweather have accepted the fight.  I don’t think anyone thinks Pacquiao has any fear of fighting Mayweather (maybe a fear of something being caught in his system that shouldn’t be there), but there is some question if Mayweather is a bit nervous about putting his undefeated record up against Pacquiao.

I think that is the reason you hear comments like this from Michael Irvin.  People want Mayweather to take the challenge and step up to the plate.

I will tell you this Pacquiao and Top Rank hands aren’t clean in all of this. Mayweather had agreed to all of their terms as long as Pacquiao agreed to the Olympic style drug testing, but Pacquiao balked at and is still balking at unless they are in control of it.

What it comes down to is if Mayweather beats Ortiz (he should unless his skills have eroded) and Pacquiao beats Marquez (he should even though Marquez always gives him problems) they need to meet May 2012, if not it will never happen.

10 thoughts on “Michael Irvin: Floyd Mayweather Making Brothers Look Bad Running From Pacquiao

  • Yeah, people wants to see the fight, but it’s Mayweather who will put his body on the line. So if he doesn’t want to fight Manny, that’s his choice, not ours.When we put our bodies on the line to get punch in the head, maybe we can have an opinion about what he should do…

    • People can express opinions whether they’re fighters or not–that’s not the issue. I do agree that Mayweather possibly cares more about his health and safety. He doesn’t wanna jeopardize that by fighting what many people believe is a superior fighter in Pacquiao. I got no problem with that, but Mayweather should NEVER EVER be caught publicly calling himself the greatest fighter in! You can’t be the greatest when you duck another great fighter.

  • In my opinion Mayweather just makes himself look bad….

  • Mayweather’s record speaks for itself.

    • If it speaks for itself, it’s quiet when it comes to fighting Pac.

  • Money May isn’t ducking Pac Man. He is just suspicious and he must be on to something because why wouldn’t Pac Man take a drug test when he stood to make all that money.

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