NASCAR Driver Boris Said Ethers Greg Biffle After Skirmish

So NASCAR isn’t generally discussed around these parts (unless of course Danica Patrick is wearing something skimpy), so there has to be a really big crash or a fight to make it worth reporting it on BSO. Today’s race at Watkins Glen did not disappoint in that regard.

Apparently, driver Boris Said (who looks like he would have been great in Talladega Nights) tapped Dave Ragan who caused David Reutimann to flip in a pretty serious looking crash. Greg Biffle, Ragan’s teammate, approached Said and engaged in your typical “guys wearing helmets” fight where they shove and slap each other.

This did not sit well with Said, who ethered Biffle pretty good, asking people to text him his address so he can go fight him and give him a whuppin’. (The ether isn’t very threatening at first because he calls him a scaredy cat, but I think that is a case of a guy knowing he is rarely on ESPN and calling Biffle ‘chicken s****’ wouldn’t have helped his chances)

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