Newest 24/7 Exhibits Floyd Mayweather At His Worst

In spite of him being the best “boxer” I’ve ever actively seen, sometimes Floyd Mayweather makes me wonder.

Whether it be an ignorant racially insensitive statement aimed at a fellow boxer or another unnecessary blip on his long record of run ins with law enforcement, there’s always a Money May Moment that will make you think W-T-F Floyd.  The latest comes courtesy of HBO’s reoccurring series 24/7.

In 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz, Floyd is his typical boasting braggadocious self, but it’s the closing scene that troubles me as a fan, son, and a future parent.  No parent-child relationship is the exact same so attempting to assess what went wrong in Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s relationship is not of importance here or any of my business.  I’m not Dr. Phil and have no desire to be.  What I am able to speak on is the unnecessary berating of his father that Floyd Jr. allowed HBO to air to the world:

First and foremost, in my own personal opinion…”At 34 years of age, regardless of any underlying issues of resentment, there should never be a moment where a son or father for that matter, engages in such a heated personal barb filled disagreement.  Life is entirely too short and What if can be a heavy question when asked in hindsight.”

Secondly, I’m fully aware that a lot of Floyd’s actions are done for an audience, but Floyd should of been more aware of his immediate audience in this particular instance.  Not only did Floyd belittle his namesake in front of cameras and other adults, but there were children present as well.  It would be interesting to know if it ever crossed Floyd’s mind during his tirade that his blatant disrespect for his father could easily be interpreted as acceptable to those children present and those viewing when dealing with their own parents.  Whether he cares or not, Floyd must remember that there’s always a set of eyes who envisions being just like him in the future.

Although his actions were in front of a camera, at the very least I hope Floyd is able to be adult and man enough to apologize to his father either on camera for a future episode or off camera.  Admittingly, I am still a fan of Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s, but for the first time ever as a result of the five minutes and 49 seconds of footage above…I wanted Floyd Mayweather Jr. to get whipped.




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  • Floyd Jr better hope he can be a better father but it’ll be interesting to see when his kids get 16-17 years old…..

  • so disgusting.

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