Packers’ Desmond Bishop Misplaces I.D. and Misses Out on White House Visit

The Green Bay Packers finally made their lockout-delayed visit to the White House this past Friday as Super Bowl champions, however one Packer spent the trip on the bus.

Linebacker, Desmond Bishop didn’t get to join his teammates at the White House last week because he forgot his ID on the team plane. Speaking to reporters Monday, Bishop said he was sure he had his wallet when he got on a team bus bound to meet President Barack Obama as the Packers prepared to visit the White House.

As security began checking identification, Bishop realized his was missing. Security wouldn’t budge on Bishop, so without it, his only choice was to stay on the team bus. Bishop said he called his family, updated his Twitter account and took a nap while his teammates met President Barack Obama.

It was pretty disappointing,” Bishop said. “I think it was a historic time, something you can tell your kids or your grandkids one day. To have missed that opportunity, it definitely stung a little bit. But, spilled milk.”

You would think if Bishop made it on the team plane, the team bus, and then finally to the white house, that he was probably in the clear. So why couldn’t anyone pull any strings?

”Man, I think it happened so fast,” Bishop said. ”As soon as we got there, they were checking IDs, just on the move. There’s like five buses so I didn’t know which one the coaches were in.”

Wow. Talk about a missed opportunity. Wonder how long it will take Bishop to live this down.

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