Paul Azinger Takes Twitter Shot at Tiger Woods Shooting 77 at PGA Championship

When Tiger Woods was making the PGA Tour tons of money and making the sport must see TV for casual and non fans of Golf, none of his fellow golfers had anything to say.

They just rode the money train.

As soon as Tiger fell off everyone has their chest puff out and taking shots at the man who line their pockets with cash.

Paul Azinger has been saying ignorant stuff on twitter for a long time (Golfer Paul Azinger Says Lebron James Looks Like a Trash Talking “Thug”).

He has a lot of keyboard courage and here is what he had to say about Tiger.

Paul Azinger has won one major and 14 tournaments.

Tiger Woods has won 14 majors and 97 tournaments.

I think someone has Tiger envy.  Unfortunately for Woods when you are at the top competitors love when you fall to the bottom.  I doubt Azinger would ever say anything to Tiger’s face he is more comfortable telling bad jokes on Twitter.

Azinger was probably one of the Giants fan berating Steve Smith for going to the Eagles.

8 thoughts on “Paul Azinger Takes Twitter Shot at Tiger Woods Shooting 77 at PGA Championship

  • azinger was making tons of cash before Woods and I knew some of the pros who did speak up but were silenced by the sportswriters, it was they and their rather meagre paychecks that were on the line. Several of the pros were even talking steroids about Woods but nobody wanted to print that either. It was Woods who got the free ride, had he been called out on it earlier he might still be married, kind of sad actually that the writers who knew better DIDNT say anything.

    • So b/c Tiger is young and works out he must be on steroids? A lot of the young golfers coming up today have a body more like Tiger, b/c the seen the benefit of staying in shape! Yes Azinger made money before Tiger, but Tiger brought the money to another level! And when he starts to win again Azinger will be one of the first ones to carry his clubs!

      Lastly, Tiger was not the first and ceartinly not the last married man to cheat…half the golfers who spoke out, I’m sure their closets are not clean…bottom line that was between him and his wife, and she chose to become an ex-wife…very rich ex-wife!

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