Photo: Tim Tebow Signs Pregnant Woman’s Belly

Is this baby now the “CHOSEN ONE“???

We know he/she won’t be chosen to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but when the hands of Tebow are laid on you, you have to be destined for great things correct?

Just imagine once the baby is old enough to understand that a career backup quarterback who is also Jesus signed his autograph on his mother’s belly.

Just makes you feel all warm, fuzzy and christian inside.

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4 thoughts on “Photo: Tim Tebow Signs Pregnant Woman’s Belly

  • I stumbled on this on FaceBook, and I’m beginning to wonder: Is this a well-known site? There’s so much blatant racism towards white athletes, it’s appalling. Nothing but criticism for the white athletes found here. Now, even when the racism isn’t totally obvious, the poor grammar is! It’s mind-boggling. I was referring to another article, but it’s apparent here too. “Destine” should be “Destined” (just a small typo, who cares :p) Capitalize Christian, second sentence isn’t even a complete sentence, (even if it was a complete sentence, it would be a run-on), etc. I mean, there are more grammatical errors than sentences here! Do you even have an editor?

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