Pics: Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Shows Off Her Bikini Body


We know that Meeka Claxton isn’t coming back to Basketball Wives after getting stiffed armed by Adrian Peterson errrrrrrrrrr Tami.  The question remains will Royce Reed be coming back?

The ladies don’t seem to like hanging around Royce, could that be because Royce out of the entire group seems the most normal and down to earth.

Doesn’t quite fit in with the drama filled theme of Basketball Wives.  Personally I think it would be best for Royce long term to leave now.  She has some other things going for her (the dance studio, the book, the speaking engagements) and it has been months since Dwight tried to sue her for anything, so better to walk away now head held high.

She dropped a couple of pics off her twitter account to let people see she is still bikini season ready.


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