Pics: Hope Solo To Pose Nude For ESPN The Magazine


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I understand the Hope Solo fascination.

It is very similar to Skylar Diggins.

It is simple.  Take one pretty young lady and put her in a group of horrid looking women and that pretty lady looks gorgeous and the thirst becomes enormous.

Take that same pretty lady and put her in a group of Playboy models and she just looks “pretty” and the thirst is tempered a bit.

With that being said a lot of my Caucasian brethren have extreme dehydration for US Soccer player Hope Solo, so I am sure they will be happy to know she will be in the ESPN Body Issue.

Big Lead has the details.

Based solely on Hope Solo’s tweetsand accompanying hashtags yesterday, it sounds like the fiery goalkeeper, who moved millions of needles during the World Cup earlier this summer, will appear in the nude for the upcoming “Body Issue” of ESPN The Magazine*. Yes. Hope Solo. Naked.

She considered the experience of frolicking around in the buff to be a “liberating” one, followed by a comment of “ball up,” so I suggest for our male commenters to take that advice to heart.

I think all women like walking around naked, I think anyway. I have my detectives on the case if any pics surface sans robe we will have them.

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