Pics: Shaunie O’Neal & Youngin Boyfriend Marlon Yates On The Beach in Mexico


When Shaunie O’Neal isn’t bad mouthing Shaq or instructing Tami to “Slap a Hoe” she is frolicking with Mr. Yates in Mexico.

Yates has one of the better jobs in the world.

The Spender of Shaq’s Money.

It is good work if you can get it.


  1. On The REAL Though:
    This doesn’t make Shaunie look good in the least and KUDOS to HER if she is TRULY Enjoying herself (No Hate Here…)

    We ALL Know this dude is just a LEECH and IF she don’t mind spending then He’s DOING EXACTLY what she wants ANY WAY (GET It while the GETTING Is GOOD!!!)

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