Police Search LSU QB Jefferson’s home; Leave With Brown Bags of Evidence

Authorities searched LSU starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson’s apartment Wednesday in connection with a bar fight last week that injured four people.

Jefferson was home at the time of the search.

”He gave us 100 percent cooperation,” Baton Rouge police Sgt. Don Stone said, adding that Jefferson’s attorney also showed up and that authorities didn’t ask Jefferson any questions.

”During the course of the investigation we got enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for his home. The reason was to search for certain items that will assist in the ongoing investigation and will help either prove or disprove the allegations against Jefferson.”

Investigators left with several brown bags of evidence, but Stone said he could not immediately discuss what items were taken from the senior quarterback’s home

A DNA swab was also taken from Jefferson.

The most seriously injured victim has three broken vertebrae, police chief Dewayne White has said.

There have been no arrests and no charges have been filed, but White stressed that police hope to gather enough evidence to arrest whoever is responsible for the victims’ injuries.

If arrests are made, charges could range from misdemeanor simple battery to felony second-degree battery, Stone said.

I don’t know this all seems kind of fishy to me.  So let me get this straight:

  • No charges have been filed.
  • But they have probable cause to search his home. (Despite the fact White admitted  that most of the initial statements investigators have taken were conflicting and seemed to contain a bias in favor of either the victims or the four named players. )
  • They found “evidence” which had to be removed in brown bags
  • They had to take DNA swabs of Jefferson

All of this, over a brawl outside of a bar? With conflicting accounts of what happened.

Hmm…I’m no attorney, but this search couldn’t have been protocol. Either Jefferson is about to be a part of a BIG cover up or a BIG set up…. thoughts?

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