Rap Video: Deion Sanders Jr. “Swaggin”

Before get to Prime Jr, without question the Star of the video is his boy in the YMCMB hoodie.

He has just entered the Hall of Sidekicks with Robin, 2 Big MC, Flavor Flav and Spliff Star.  Classic stuff from him.

Deion Sanders Jr. is a highly sought after recruit as you would expect from someone who has the DNA of Primetime.

Sad thing is his rapping is slightly better than Gucci Man and Waka Flaka so it is possible that he has a future in the music industry.  Honestly Soulja Boy has done 30 songs just like this and he still is making a couple of dollars (only a couple).

Just ignore the fact that I have been laughing uncontrollably while writing this article.

H/T to MockDraftHQ for my afternoon laugh.

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