Reggie Bush Begging Kim Kardashian To Call Off Wedding to Kris Humphries

If this is true I think a lot of people are hoping that Reggie Bush succeeds just so we won’t be tortured with the 4 hour E! special on the wedding.

Here is how they are saying how Reggie is trying to woo Kimmy back.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfried Reggie Bush has been bombarding the reality star with “text messages and voicemails” where he is begging her to call off her upcoming wedding and give their relationship another shot.

An insider has reportedly told Life & Style magazine: “He’s been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voicemails, telling her she’s making a mistake and that he’s the one for her.

“In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie, but now she’s stopped responding.”

The source continued: “He was begging her to call off the wedding and give him another chance. She was burned by the end of their relationship, and she’s truly moved on.”

Lets assume this is true (not saying that it is) it isn’t unusual for an EX to beg at last minute when his old lady is about to get married.  The EX doesn’t want the woman back, but men are possessive and even if we toss a woman to the curb we could never imagine she can be happy with someone else.

This is common trait in young guys.

Reggie is playing this all wrong.  If he really wants her back he should be indifferent.  Don’t give an attention whore the attention she wants.

Honestly I don’t think Reggie is tripping, I think the Kardashian planted the story just for more exposure and to make Reggie look bad.  Either that or Reggie is a simp.

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