Report: Shawne Merriman Busted for Steroids Near US & Canadian Border?

There is a report from Patrick Moran of the Buffalo Sports Daily claiming Merriman was in possession of steroids near the US Border.

Here is what Moran had to say.

According to a reliable source close to the situation, Buffalo Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman was caught carrying steroids near the United States border late Thursday night, July 28 on the eve of Bills’ training camp.

According to the source, while trying to cross Canada back into the United States, Merriman was detained by United States Customs shortly after 2:00am. There, the source tells me steroids were found in his possession. He was not arrested and booked because from what I’m told, simply being in the possession of the substance is not technically illegal.

Moran says he has had this information for weeks and was conflicted on to report it or not. Not sure why he couldn’t get proof from the customs who I am sure have a record of people they have detained.

Unless the story is totally false or his source isn’t that reliable.

For the record I have had sources who believe Merriman is back on some sort of Performance Enhancing drugs that possibly is undetectable by the NFL Drug policy.

But it is innocent until proven guilty and without any solid proof we will just chalk up his miraculous gain in muscle mass as a result of P90x or something like that.

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