Reports: Roy Williams Underwhelming in Bears Camp

Shocking right?

Considering that beyond one year, Williams has been underwhelming his whole career why did anyone think it would be different with the Bears?

When they signed him they automatically inserted him as the #1 receiver which I thought was a slap in the face of the Bears receiver core especially since Williams hasn’t done anything to warrant that position. has more details.

Three weeks into the Williams experiment, more folks in Chi-town are starting to wonder what’s going on.  Dan Pompeii of the Chicago Tribune writes that Williams has shown nothing in camp or in the preseason to prove he’s worthy of playing over Knox.

(Quite the opposite. Williams dropped two passes in the last preseason game and admitted his fitness level isn’t where it needs to be.)

Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times writes Tuesday that Williams needs to get in shape, blaming Williams’ conditioning for his struggles.

I can tell you what is going.

Roy just isn’t that good.  Every once in awhile you will get a late bloomer at receiver, take Brandon Lloyd for example, but for the most part either you break out or you are just average.

Williams is living off name recognition, but the tape doesn’t lie, he is an average wide receiver and probably will always be one.

Just accept it.



Bears receiver coach Darryl Drake sent a loud message to Williams on Wednesday.

“[He’s not where he needs to be, and he knows that,” Drake said via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He and I have talked about that. And the good thing about it is, you got Johnny Knox who is fighting and working hard.

“And believe you and me, [Williams] also understands that Johnny is there, and Johnny is hungry, and Johnny wants his spot back. And if things don’t start changing, then Johnny is going to be in there. Heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.”

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