Soccer Player Eddie Johnson Caught Cheating, Wife Rams His Car While Driving With Kid


If you are going to cheat, you have to do it better than US Soccer player Eddie Johnson. If you want to look at the story glass half full, Johnson wasn’t in the car when his wife rammed it.

She also could have ran him over, I saw that happen on an episode of “Deadly Woman”.

The Big Lead has the details.

Janelle Johnson received a call from a friend that her husband was at the Hampton Inn. She drove there early on Tuesday with their child in her white Jeep Cherokee. She said she spotted her husband’s rented red Chevy Camaro parked in the rear of the hotel and tried to call him but he did not answer his phone.

Janelle Johnson told deputies that she saw her husband walking with a woman and “became upset.”

Eddie Johnson said he was in an upstairs room at the Hampton Inn when his wife rammed the rented Camaro.

Deputies said Janelle’s daughter’s eyes “were red and she appeared to have been crying.”

Mrs. Johnson was arrested because you can’t ram cars with your 5 year old kid in the backseat. She looks surprisingly happy in her mugshot as if the ramming made her feel better.

As for Johnson he has a snitch in his camp. You don’t randomly spot someone going into a Hampton Inn, that is inside information, so he needs to clean that up.

The woman that he was cheating with couldn’t have meant that much to him because he took her to a Hampton Inn, that is basically telling her this is only sex, don’t expect anything more.

But I do think they serve free continental breakfast at the Hampton Inn I will have to verify that.


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