Tampa Bay Buccaneers Give Players Playbooks in the Form of iPad 2s

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the youngest team in the league last year. Not only did they win seven more games than the previous year, they also barely missed the playoffs. Their head coach Raheem Morris is one of the youngest coaches in the league and most of the players on the team are under the age of 25.

So, it makes a lot of sense when you hear that the Bucs are also technologically ahead of the curve. The team recently bought all their players and coaches the new iPad 2 for them to hold their playbooks and videos in. Coach Raheem Morris came up with the idea after spending most of the lockout watching video, and he spoke about his bright idea to the St. Petersburg Times:

“We give these playbooks out, and by the end of training camp, we collect them so nobody sells them on the Internet,” Morris said. “They become game books. If you need a reference to go back, you can pull up a blitz from camp and look at it.

“Then it got to the point where we said, ‘Hey, let’s put some of the video on there … from the season. How about practice? How would (Josh) Freeman like to go home and watch practice again? How would “Free” like to sit there and watch third down from Detroit and Miami so when he comes to work the next morning, he’s seeing the tape again and putting it all together?’ “

It seems like their players are liking the new and fun way of watching film. Safety Cody Grimm was among one of the Buccaneers that were pleased with the technological upgrade:

“It’s crazy how much technology has changed the game,” second-year safety Cody Grimm said. “Back in the day, I think probably the whole team had to sit down with a projector and a reel, and watch the film together. They’d have the whole offense in the same meeting room. Now we all have our own iPad. Stuff that we used to come in here to see, we can sit on our couch at home and have access to it 24-7. It’s awesome.

“It’s convenient. It’s fast. I was snacking out on the couch and watching some film, and realized I was, like, two quarters through (a) game already.”

This is a fast, fun, and new way for players to get acclimated to their offensive and defensive systems. It is likely that we may see other teams follow suit. Hopefully, the Bucs benefit from this somehow because they’ll be competing in a very tough NFC South with the Falcons and Saints.

Good Luck.

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