Terrell Owens Says Melanie Paige Smith Won’t Let Him See His Daughter

In child support cases it is always he said, she said.

Melanie Paige Smith has been claiming T.O. hasn’t been paying and that he is refusing to pay in the future.  She has taken these claims public.  Because she is going through legal channels most people have taken her word for it.

Owens’ representatives are saying that isn’t true and T.O. is the victim who isn’t being allowed to see his daughter.

Here is their statement.

Melanie Paige Smith, the mother of NFL wide receiver, Terrell Owens’ daughter went to the Atlanta press again today with false information to tarnish Mr. Owens’ name. She stated to a news source that Mr. Owens does not intend on paying future child support payments. This is false.
Mr. Owens pays Ms. Smith every child support payment due to her since the birth of their child over 5 years ago. The August payment due to Ms. Smith has been placed in an escrow account while the visitation issue is being resolved. The immediate issue is that Ms. Smith has continually denied Mr. Owens the right to see his daughter. She has blocked Mr. Owens from having a consistent relationship with his young daughter.
While he continues to be denied from seeing his daughter by Ms. Smith, Mr. Owens has continued to pay an amount to her every month based on a salary amount he has not collected since 2007. He has never requested a modification. If ever fairly modified, her payments would be dramatically reduced considering Mr. Owens is not currently signed to an NFL team and in the past few years of playing has earned much less than what he did in 2007.
These are private family matters and it is unfortunate that because of his profile, Ms. Smith finds the need to share their business with the world.
The amount in question is $5000 a month, I don’t think that is unreasonable considering Owens has made close to $50 million just playing football.  I don’t think we should feel sorry for him that he hasn’t asked for a reduction and he has possibly mismanaged his millions that would require a reduction.
With that being said if you take Owens’ word, then Ms. Smith has some explaining to do, because you should never not allow a man to see his daughter.
The problem is we don’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying.
The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.  The sad thing is the person who is the real loser in all of this is Owens and Smith’s daughter.
Hopefully for her well being they work it out.

9 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Says Melanie Paige Smith Won’t Let Him See His Daughter

  • I always look at these women with a suspicious eye because if you jump to the wrong conclusion you end up feeling stupid.For example Steve Harvey’s wife.I pay childsuppot for a child I haven’t seen since he was 8 days old unfortunately I don’t have the money to do what Mr Owens is doing.Also though my income has went down and I haven’t asked for a reduction.Now if we had to go to court or if she was talking to a lawyer I would probably be the worse father in the world.Just saying even the common man goes through these same situations so we should all just sit back and see where the truth actually lies.Oh if your wondering I haven’t seen my son who is 13 now because I can’t find her.The childsupport office knows where she is but they will not help me in anyway.And no I’ve never touched ,talked or treated her in a abusive way nor did I cheat.

    • Hey man…I feel ya…..

    • I can help you find your son or you can put the money in an escrow account and force her to be accountable for visitation rights.


  • Of course the world will never know the truth but unfortunately, one day their daughter will have the ability to read old press articles. She’ll she the awful things that her mom & dad said publicly regarding their inability to co-parent effectively. As a single parent, I understand the need for financial support of the non-custodial parent. However, if he never paid a penny, he’s still that child’s father. Men have a responsibility to help support their children; but women have an equal responsibility not to make it difficult for a man to be present and part of his child’s life. My hope for T.O., his child’s mother, and any other parents involved in this type of dispute: Grow up and think about your child(ren).

  • I feel T.O.’s pain… these damn Child Support Attorneys and Judges aint’ sh!t….nothing but extortion. The Family Court is biased against Men. … Most Family law requires that women are the default Custodial parent and force Men into a Non-Custodial Parent with minimum visitation regardless of their parenting skills. This perpetuates unequal parenting time and allows large Child Support awards for the Custodial parent. The Family Law system supports the transfer of wealth from one parent to another in order to improve the Custodial parent’s household so it is “Equal” to the Non-Custodial parent’s household which is absolutely wrong and against what America stands for. If you want the big house, nice car and private school then you should go to school, get a job or business and earn it! It is not the State’s right to deny Parenting rights and transfer wealth because that is in the best interest of the child. I could use any excuse for more money and less time under the guise of the child’s best interest. This faulty logic and law is routinely used to justify outrageous claims of Child support i.e. Extortion. If your child’s father ain’t sh!t then charge it to the game because it was your decision to have his child. The State should not be transfering wealth to correct the imbalance of bad decisions and lack of foresight. If you’re struggling with bills etc. and need a handout/child support then maybe you should not be the Custodial parent… From the beginning, the Courts should enforce a shared/equal parenting time by default and both parents are responsible 50/50 for child expenses only. Any other income/expenses must be agreed upon by both parents otherwise the income/expense is not joint and non-liable. Put that Law into effect and you may actually see a decline in unwanted pregnancies and Deadbeat Dads! Let’s Go T.O.!

    • I agree 120%……

  • i’m with the mom’s who has deadbeat dads but these hoes that have babies by these athletes to pay their bills so they dont have to work i dont respect them it’s like having a baby by and athlete is and investment for them and a child should never be used for that

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