Terrelle Pryor Scored a 7 on His Wonderlic Test?


I am not big on IQ tests especially in regards to being a football player, they are pretty meaningless, but to score a 7 is pretty bad.  You get like 5 points just for spelling your name on the test.

You would basically have to be retarded to score that low.  Only Vince Young to my knowledge has scored lower than a 7 (he allegedly scored a 6, but that is disputed).

Deadspin has the details.

The Raiders are praying that Terrelle Pryor’s football IQ is higher than his actual IQ. According to Bob McGinn, the Packers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Pryor scored a whopping 7 on his Wonderlic Test.

The test is suppose to be confidential, so you have to wonder about these leaks. I am pretty well connected at Ohio State and while no one has ever said Pryor was a super genius, I never heard he was slow or dumb in the traditional book sense.

I am going to take this report with grain a salt and if it is true, still has nothing to do with his play as a quarterback, it just means he had a hell of a tutor at OSU (if you get what I am saying).


It appears Pryor was allowed take the test a second time and scored a 22.


  1. How come you never hear about the low scores white QB’s get? It’s always the black QB’s that have their scores leaked out.

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