Terrelle Pryor Selected By Oakland Raiders in 3rd Round of Supplemental Draft


All I want if for Terrelle Pryor to get the same opportunities as Backup Jesus Tim Tebow has had. Give him a fair opportunity to be a NFL Quarterback.

If he fails, he fails, but don’t force him to change positions just because he is athletic.

I have no problem with Pryor doing multiple things on the field, but allow him to grow as a quarterback. His raw skills aren’t that much different than Cameron Newton and are better than Tim Tebow.

One thing that Jim Tressel did at Ohio State was force Pryor to run pro style sets and terminology. Pryor is a bright kid, he will pick up an offense.

Just like any other young quarterback his accuracy and ability to read defenses will determine if he ever becomes anything more than a project.

Hopefully will provided him with the proper tools and coaching to be the best quarterback and NFL player he can be.


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