Terrelle Pryor to meet with Roger Goodell

The beginning of the 2011 Football season is looming near, especially for players who remain undrafted. This status holds even more true, for Terrelle Pryor whose status of eligibility to even be drafted is in question.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, Terrelle Pryor seeks to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell next week in the hopes of  resolving the big question mark which surrounds him and be declared eligible for the Aug. 17 supplemental draft.

Typically, players qualifying for the supplemental draft have been declared academically ineligible after the NFL’s April draft.  However,the former Ohio State quarterback left school rather than face a five-game suspension for accepting improper benefit and was subsequently banned from the program for five years.

Last week, the league distributed a list of eligible players and Pryor was not listed. The NFL must determine if Pryor’s NCAA suspension would impact his eligibility in a similar way.

Pryor’s lawyer, David Cornwell, issued the following statement Sunday, according to ESPN:

“We have been in discussions with the Commissioner’s office over the past week to address the NFL’s concerns. I am confident that once the NFL has a full understanding of the facts, Terrelle will be part of Wednesday’s supplemental draft,” attorney David Cornwell wrote in a statement released to PFT.

Cornwell was once a finalist for the NFLPA Executive Director position and is noted for negotiating the NFL reinstatement of RB Ricky Williams in 2004.

Although Pryor delayed a Pro Day workout for scouts until his status has been resolved, he is planning like he will be eligible by the Supplemental Draft. While waiting for a decision, Pryor has been working with former NFL QB and assistant coach Ken Anderson in Jeannette, Pa.


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