Terricka Cason, Cromartie’s Wifey Pictures..Just Because Someone Asked For Them


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Someone asked me a simple question.

“Rob who is Terricka Cason-Cromartie and what does she look like?”

I decided to let Lady Cro explain it in her own words.

But because I am a man of the people I kept digging and found some stuff:

My name is Terricka Lynne Cason.

I was born and raised in E. St. Louis, Illinois and later moved to California in the late 90’s. Many say I’m a California Native now but I’m representing the STL to the fullest.

I have a double Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Psychology from California State University Northridge.
So I must say “I’m not a dumb pretty girl” When im not modeling, or pursing acting you can find me working at a Elementary school doing therapy with Autism Kids something i love.

I am best known for being a Video Model, but have a larger dream of being an actress. I am what you call a triple threat. An Actress, Dancer and Model. Sorry but I can not sing. My 1st movie is now playing on MTV and available on DVD called “All You’ve Got” where I play a Volleyball Player. I only have one line but it’s a start to something big I promise. They say there is no such thing as a small part in acting, just small actors. This movie Features Ciara, and Adrienne Balion from 3LW. I also played a love interest in a Feature film entitled ‘Ways of the Flesh’ so be one the look out for that. And I cant forget about my K-Swiss commercial.

E! CandY Girl, actress, model, wife, Jordy & Jurzie’s Mommy..

The Double B.A. pretty impressive. Getting out of East Saint Louis unharmed even more impressive. Anyway there is some background for those who were asking.

71 thoughts on “Terricka Cason, Cromartie’s Wifey Pictures..Just Because Someone Asked For Them

  • She looks Beautiful!! Congrats on the career moves.. and kudos for the New Commercial for JC:) All this talking keeps the checks flowing.. How many of the others have secured new born commercials?!?!? Best wishes to Terrika & Antonio!!

  • She SAID: “So I must say “I’m not a dumb pretty girl”

    Soooo A Female who marries a Professional Athlete with about 6 KIDS & 5/6 Baby-Mamas is SMART ?!!?

    • LMAO RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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