Terricka Cason, Cromartie’s Wifey Pictures..Just Because Someone Asked For Them


Someone asked me a simple question.

“Rob who is Terricka Cason-Cromartie and what does she look like?”

I decided to let Lady Cro explain it in her own words.

But because I am a man of the people I kept digging and found some stuff:

My name is Terricka Lynne Cason.

I was born and raised in E. St. Louis, Illinois and later moved to California in the late 90’s. Many say I’m a California Native now but I’m representing the STL to the fullest.

I have a double Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Psychology from California State University Northridge.
So I must say “I’m not a dumb pretty girl” When im not modeling, or pursing acting you can find me working at a Elementary school doing therapy with Autism Kids something i love.

I am best known for being a Video Model, but have a larger dream of being an actress. I am what you call a triple threat. An Actress, Dancer and Model. Sorry but I can not sing. My 1st movie is now playing on MTV and available on DVD called “All You’ve Got” where I play a Volleyball Player. I only have one line but it’s a start to something big I promise. They say there is no such thing as a small part in acting, just small actors. This movie Features Ciara, and Adrienne Balion from 3LW. I also played a love interest in a Feature film entitled ‘Ways of the Flesh’ so be one the look out for that. And I cant forget about my K-Swiss commercial.

E! CandY Girl, actress, model, wife, Jordy & Jurzie’s Mommy..

The Double B.A. pretty impressive. Getting out of East Saint Louis unharmed even more impressive. Anyway there is some background for those who were asking.

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  1. She looks Beautiful!! Congrats on the career moves.. and kudos for the New Commercial for JC:) All this talking keeps the checks flowing.. How many of the others have secured new born commercials?!?!? Best wishes to Terrika & Antonio!!

  2. She SAID: “So I must say “I’m not a dumb pretty girl”

    Soooo A Female who marries a Professional Athlete with about 6 KIDS & 5/6 Baby-Mamas is SMART ?!!?

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