Texans Johnathan Joseph Receives Injection for Sore Groin

True story when I was in High School, I was my football’s team Wes Welker.

For whatever reason I never took stretching very seriously until one practice before my Junior year I was making a move out of my break and felt something that I had never felt before.

A lot of people especially women when they hear “groin injury” they think something has happened to your penis.  Not the case, it is actually the muscle in the upper inner part of your thigh where the injury takes place, not your actual “equipment”.

It is extremely painful and uncomfortable.

After a couple of days of going untreated (I didn’t even know what was going on) I could barely walk.  Finally went to the doctor and the swelling was at the point that it had to be drained.

So they take this HUGE NEEDLE and stick it in your thigh to help loosen it up and get the swelling down.  So I understand Johnathan Joseph’s pain.

Only days before the preseason opener, Joseph missed practice due to tightness in his groin.

“[H]e actually got an injection so that takes some time to come back but everything looks fine,” coach Gary Kubiak said Friday, via comments distributed by the team.  “He’s OK.  I expect him to be out there tomorrow.”

The good news is after my injection, I was back practicing in a couple of days and eventually the soreness went away.

Two things happened after that.

I went on to have a Welker like season and I stretch before every practice and game like I was Rosa Acosta.  Well maybe not like Rosa Acosta, but you get what I am saying.