Texas & Oklahoma Fans Get into Fight at Applebees..Multiple Stabbings Ensues

As I have told you many times…….

Fan is short for FANATIC

Texas and Oklahoma fans have been fighting for years, this time though the fan decided to get his Jay Z on like when he stabbed Lance “Un” Rivera for bootlegging his CD.

According to the police report, the fight happened at an Applebee’s restaurant just before midnight. Two men “started arguing about sports,” the report states.

The victim told officers he was jumped in the foyer and a fight broke out. Afterward, he saw a knife on the floor and said he didn’t know where it came from, according to the report.

Witness said they didn’t see a knife during the fight, but the victim sustained a cut to his left wrist. When police arrived, the suspect was on the patio with cuts to his arm and torso.

TV station KENS in San Antonio reported the suspect was an OU fan and that he pulled a knife during the fight and was stabbed with his own blade. The police report lists the weapon as an orange folding pocketknife.

The Oklahoma fan is in critical condition.

Who knew Midnight at Applebees could be a deadly situation. I could see if it was the Waffle House or something.  I know fans are passionate, but I rather you tattoo your favorite player on your leg than pulling out weapons.


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