The Rock and Jerry Bruckheimer Sell ’80’s Era Wrestling Movie to NBC

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jerry “Guy who Produced The Rock” Bruckheimer sold a made for TV movie about the wrestling boom in the 1980’s to NBC. According to Deadline TV, the duo will produce the movie chronicling a fictional account of the rise to national prominence of wrestling in the 1980’s.

No word yet on any casting decisions as this is still in the planning stages, but you would have to imagine that if The Rock is attaching his name to it, it will be for more than just a producing credit. It will be interesting to see if the movie appeals to a broader fan base or if it can reconnect with fans who grew up in the era of Rock and Wrestling who stopped watching because they got too cool.

Will The Rock’s name be enough to carry this project? Will a wrestling movie involve lots of explosions with Bruckheimer’s involvement? Will this movie be closer to The Wrestler or Ready 2 Rumble? The good thing is that if The Rock is attached, WWE will be attached (especially if it airs around Wrestlemania next year). WWE and NBC have always been tight, with Saturday Night’s Main Event being appointment viewing in the late 80’s, and Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network, which is owned by NBC Universal, so you have to imagine they will adequately promote the movie.

In honor of that era of wrestling, I give you Junkyard Dog’s music video for “Grab Them Cakes”

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