Top 15 NFL Look-A-Likes Featuring Chad Ochocinco, Tim Tebow, and More

There are many recognizable faces in the NFL today, everyone knows them. If Chad Ochocinco, Peyton Manning, or Rex Ryan were shopping at your local mall, there is a very slim chance that they would go unnoticed, even in disguise. Some of these NFL players and coaches also happen to resemble other celebrities today. In fact, a few of these people could be easily mistaken for another celebrity due to an uncanny resemblance. Here are 15 players/coaches in the NFL that could probably pass for another celebrity.

15. Bills QB Ryan Fitzgerald vs. Throwback Phil Jackson (NBA Player/Coach)

Hopefully, if things don’t work out with Fitzgerald as a quarterback he can go on to have a stellar coaching career like Grown Phil Jackson. For what it’s worth, the former Bills QB went to Harvard ..

14. Giants Guard Stacy Andrews vs. Rapper Rick Ross

The former Eagle recently joined the New York Giants and his new team is counting on him to be a “Bawse” it comes to protecting Eli Manning. No pressure though, cause it’s not like he’s a star.

13. Bears Coach Lovie Smith vs. Actor John Amos

Many people do not know that Good Times actor John Amos actually had a brief NFL career before garnering fame as a renowned actor, so it’s only natural that his twin/doppleganger/godson Lovie Smith is an NFL head coach.

12. Former Titans Coach Jeff Fisher vs. Wrestler Jimmy Hart

Jeff Fisher’s last years in Tennessee were very drama filled. From Vince Young to Albert Haynesworth to Pacman Jones, Fisher’s experience as a coach could probably help him succeed as a writer for the WWE where he could be joined with his twin.

11. Redskins DC Jim Haslett vs. Australian commentator Karl Langdon

Haslett is a well-traveled NFL Coach. A defensive guy, he’s revived many defenses and he has also been a head coach in the league before. Wouldn’t it be cool for Langdon to come to the US and call a few Redskins games?

10. Titans Free Safety Michael Griffin vs. European Band Milli Vanilli 

Griffin is a former Pro Bowl safety that is trying to get back to his dominant game changing ways. However, if he gets beat in the secondary, he can always “Blame It On The Rain”.

9. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton vs. Actor Frankie Muniz

The resemblance between these two is bizarre because Payton looks like the young Frankie Muniz and the old Frankie Muniz. Nevertheless, the Saints coach has won a Super Bowl so he can confidently shrug off comparisons to child stars.

8. Patriots’ Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco vs. Comedian Dave Chappelle

New England’s big offseason acquisition, Chad Ochocinco, could probably look like many people as a result of his versatility and flamboyance. But, considering that he’s also an entertainer we’ll go with the Dave Chappelle look.

7. Titans RB Chris Johnson vs. Rapper/Entertainer Lil Wayne

Which one’s the entertainer and which one’s the running back for the Tennessee Titans? Both men have glaring similarities but the most visible common denominator is personality.

6. Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz vs. Actor Jensen Ackles

Being an actor is a pressure-filled job and Days of Our Lives star Jensen Ackles is aware of that. He can’t complain though as his twin and defensive guru Jim Schwartz had the monumental task of turning around the 0-16 Detroit Lions.

5. Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin vs. Actor Omar Epps

This similarity is well documented as Tomlin has made a name for himself as an NFL coach as he took his team to two Super Bowls and won one in the process. Maybe Epps should honor him with a new movie, Love and Football?

4. Broncos’ QB Kyle Orton vs. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl knows what it’s like to be in the background. After his stint as Nirvana’s drummer, he would create his own band and go on to win multiple Grammys. Likewise, Orton once backed up Rex Grossman of all people. Hopefully, he also gets a happy ending.

3. Seahawks QB Charlie Whitehurst vs. Jesus

Ohhh, now we know why Seattle let Matt Hasselbeck go. I don’t remember Whitehurst like this at all when he was at Clemson. Nevertheless, if granted the Seahawks starting job, he will have to put the whole team on his back — Marshawn Lynch style.

2. Broncos QB Tim Tebow vs. Mumford and Sons Guitarist Marcus Mumford

Tebow’s fall from grace in Denver has been quite embarrassing. If the NFL doesn’t work out he could always be a motivational speaker or a guitarist. I’m sure Mumford and Sons would welcome him with open arms.

1. Detroit Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch vs.  Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin

If Stone Cold shows up at Lions practice with a #93 jersey on, head coach Jim Schwartz would probably greet him with the occasional “nice sack”. Likewise, Vanden Bosch could probably show up at any WWE arena and be bombarded with autograph requests. But I pose a question here. Which one hurts more: A Vanden Bosch sack or the Stone Cold Stunner? Actually, on second thought I don’t wanna know …


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