UGA Tells Ticket Holders To Stay Away From Student Athletes

In the wake of schools like Ohio State, the University of North Carolina and the University Oregon getting in trouble with the NCAA over student athletes having relationships with agents, business owners, and school “representatives,” the University of Georgia isn’t taking any chances. Yesterday, UGA football season-ticket holders received their tickets in the mail along with a letter from athletic director Greg McGarity urging them to be mindful of NCAA rules.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

After thanking ticket holders for their support, McGarity wrote that he wanted to address “the important matter of NCAA compliance.”

“[Supporters] can have NO interaction with any prospective student-athletes, nor can members of The Georgia Bulldog Club do anything for any current student-athletes,” McGarity wrote. “If we just remember those two things, we will go a long way in avoiding any NCAA violations in this area of our program.”

McGarity was asked Tuesday why he felt compelled to include such a letter.

“In the last year we’ve seen a lot of institutions dealing with issues and we just felt it was important for them to be reminded of the things you can and can’t do,” McGarity said. “Hopefully that way we won’t make the same mistakes some others have made.”

For those of who don’t know, this is McGarity’s second year on the job. And so far he has done a pretty good job of keeping the athletic program out of the negative spotlight.

For the first time in some years, a football player hasn’t been arrested during the offseason for some foolishness.

That’s a huge accomplishment for this program.

McGarity is definitely trying turn UGA into a clean program and he doesn’t need outsiders trying to scar the program. So to all you car dealers and tattoo shop owners in Athens, stay way from the players!!

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  • Yea, they are really not taking any chances. There is a young kid(fool) he was relased before he even step foot on campus. He finished with my son, could not keep it together. The last straw was some facebook foolishness….I don’t blame them…

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