Video: 3 Ravens Fans, Try to Beat up a Chiefs Fan..Chiefs Fan Goes HAM


You would think after what happened to Bryan Stow at Dodgers Stadium that people would stop fighting over fan affiliation.  My people on the ground tell me that the Chiefs fan in question was pretty rowdy and was eventually kicked out of the game, but just let it go.

If a fan has to be unruly it says more about them than anything else.

It was a preseason game for goodness sakes.

As far as the fight itself, Chiefs fan does a pretty good job against the three Ravens fans.  He knocks out the one guy immediately, then takes on the other two until it is broken up.  They all look like idiots.



  1. Baltimore is more Dangerous than thug town Los Angeles. Remember a Giants fan was beaten up at Dodger Stadium parking lot by a Dodger fan on opening night? And for you Yankee fans dont bother comming here next weekend youre bertter off watching your Yanks on the YES Network.

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