Video: Backup Jesus Tim Tebow Shows What is Great & Awful About Him in One Play

Tim Tebow is good for business.

I hope he last in the NFL for a long time, because every single thing he does causes strong reactions from everyone. It was the first preseason game of the year and people lost their mind just watching a handful of plays for Tebow.

The Cowboys announcers were getting their Kevin Hart on with the jokes about Tebow.

When Tebow wasn’t getting sacked or running too quickly out of the pocket he did complete the majority of his passes (mostly dump offs and checkdowns).

This play though shows the good and bad of Tebow.

Tebow doesn’t read any progressions before he takes off, but showing that he is a “gamer” he doesn’t just give up on the play.

Nice stiff arm, but totally unaware he is way past the line of scrimmage when he circles back and finds an open receiver.

Tim Tebow will never be a great practice player and he is non traditional quarterback, but we will never know if that can work in the NFL until he is allowed to play a full season.

Broncos just need to make it happen.  Nothing exciting about Kyle Orton and it isn’t like the Broncos are a Super Bowl caliber team.  Put Tebow in and either let him fall on his face or prove his critics wrong.

3 thoughts on “Video: Backup Jesus Tim Tebow Shows What is Great & Awful About Him in One Play

  • They would NEVER give a black QB so much leeway to screw up. He would have already been converted to receiver by now. It’s like the media refuses to accept that Tebow is nothing more than an NFL Fullback who can throw occasionally.

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