Video: Basketball Wives: LA Sneak Peak Supertrailer

My old high school football coach didn’t have a thick playbook.  His philosophy was that once you ran a play effectively you kept running until the defense stopped you.  Once they stopped you, you make a tweak here and there, but once you know what works don’t mess around trying to get too complicated.

VH1 has been running the toss sweep for about ten years now.  It all started with Flavor of Love and now has spawned in many different directions since then.  At it’s core though it is still the toss sweep.

Put a bunch a drama filled women in a room and let them curse, fight and make a fool of themselves, for their 15 minutes of fame.  That is the formula for success.  They are sticking to the toss sweep with the Basketball Wives: LA.

Take a look.

The one problem with the cast is that it is a bad mix and facially challenged beyond Gloria and Draya. Draya only purpose on the show is to look cute and argue, since she has no affiliation with any basketball players unless you count one night stands.

With that being said, people will whine and complain about the how “ghetto” the program is, but they will still watch and that is all that matters to VH1.

The Toss Sweep has been scoring Touchdowns for them for years, why change up now?

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