Video: Bernard Hopkins Dropping Jewels to UFC’s Rashad Evans


Hate him or love him, I could listen to Bernard Hopkins talk about boxing for hours.  Some of my most enjoyable times covering fights is when Hopkins is in the media room just talking about the sweet science.

Nothing like hearing a master talk about his craft.

With Hopkins it is always with so much passion you feel like you ready to go into the ring.

Actually that is a lie because I never felt like I was ready to let someone punch me in the face, but you always feel more knowledgeable after listening to Hopkins speak.

Listen to Hopkins break down some things to UFC’s Rashad Evans who has a big UFC match this weekend against Tito Ortiz.

Even if you are just a casual boxing or MMA fan you will learn something  and next time a basketball wife comes after you with a straight right hand you will be able to defend yourself.

Donovan McNabb does not approve this post.


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  2. I really could listen to Bernard talk about the ins & outs of boxing all day long. Guy is a legend & actually knows what he’s talking about.

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