Video: Eric Williams Throws Drink at Ex-Wife Jennifer Williams’ Face on Basketball Wives

Did Eric Williams throw the drink because of the naked pics?  No, but let me tell you how it all went down months ago before this episode of tape.

VH1 Producer: “Best thing we ever did was hire Tami when we tell her to slap a b*tch, she slaps a b*tch we don’t even have to ask her twice.  It is like she enjoys it.  The ratings will be threw the roof for that one.

Shaunie O’Neal (while counting Shaq’s money): “I totally agree, but we can’t have Tami slapping someone every episode we need to add some spice, Ocho Cinco too nice, but maybe we can get Eric Williams to do something controversial.”

VH1 Producer: “Good idea Shaunie lets bring him in.”

A few hours later:

Vh1 Producer: “Thanks for coming Eric…..”

Eric Williams: “Look before we start talking where are my plate of ribs, I requested a plate of ribs before even coming to this meeting.”

*Suzie Brings in the Ribs*

Shaunie O’Neal: “Look Eric we need your help we are going to give Tami the week off from slapping people, so we are going to need you to something for us.”

Eric (while eating ribs): “What is that?”

Vh1 Producer: “You need to have a big confrontation with your ex wife.”

Eric (still eating ribs): “I can do that.”

Shaunie: “But at the end you need to slap her. Don’t worry we will say you have a disorder like Brandon Marshall”

Eric (still eating ribs): “Can’t do that, y’all not getting me locked up.”

Vh1 Producer: “What about you throw a drink on her?”

Eric (still eating ribs): “Sounds about feminine to throw a drink on a woman.”

Vh1 Producer: “We will throw in another 10k for this episode.”

Eric (still eating ribs): “Deal and while you at it pay for plastic surgery for this knot on my head”

Shaunie: “No problem, thanks Eric.”

Eric: “Can I get a box for these ribs?”

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