Jason Terry Disses LeBron James in Young Jeezy’s Video

Jason Terry of the World Champion Dallas Mavericks is milking his fame by appearing in the video for Young Jeezy’s new song “Win”. The song, which features a chorus of the word Win being repeated over and over, seems to be your standard current rap video fare. It features a lot of pointing out how great he is, how he enjoys Grey Goose and how he can make it rain. It is almost like he went to the book of rap video cliches (apparently the Maybach on 24’s didn’t make the cut).

The interesting tidbit is in the “making of” feature where Terry is talking about playing pool and how he is getting beat.

“Lose Lose Lose….I feel like LeBron right now.”

A little jab, but if anybody is allowed to mock LeBron at this time is one of the guys who beat him. Plus, he looks like he was really enjoying himself at the filming of the video.

Haters should enjoy it while it lasts. I expect LeBron James (and fellow punching bag megastar Tiger Woods) to come back with a vengeance and dominate their sports in the very near future. I also fully expect to people say they believed in them all along.

Terry’s role in the final video (which you can see below) is simply standing around in a World Champion Dallas Mavericks hat and pointing at his Larry O’Brien Trophy tattoo.

Good thing they won or we would have had to look at him like this…

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