Video: John Cena Throws T-Shirt in the Crowd, The Crowd Throws it Back…TWICE


Believe it or not John Cena debuted in the WWE in 2002.

In those nine years, his character hasn’t changed much if at all.  Still rocking the Jorts, still kicking the rhymes and still the same moves in the ring.

It has worked for him, since he has been a star since he walked in the building.  He has found the perfect balance between love and hate between the fans that is perfectly illustrated in the video below.

At some point Cena will have to turn ala Hogan NWO style. Hopefully it won’t take another 10 years before that happens, when it does I think he will truly achieve legendary status.

I don’t care what anyone says his theme song knocks hard, the beat, not the rhymes.


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