Video: Jose Canseco’s Baseball Team Gets into Full Scale Brawl


I am thinking the same thing you are.

Jose Canseco is running a baseball team? Can’t say I am surprised a team he is in charge of decided to throw down. Here are the details.

At this point, I’m left to wonder why Jose Canseco is still allowed to have a baseball team and why the independent league he plays in exists. Canseco’s team was already a sideshow, but turned violent as Tony Phillips — that’s 52-year-old World Series champion Tony Phillips — got into it with an opponent. The video doesn’t show what started the fight, but does show Phillips and Mike Marshall — that’s 51-year-old two-time World Series champion Mike Marshall — going at it near third base. Moments later, both teams are involved and the fight is on.

I remember Tony Phillips was always a hot head. It appears that only about 4 people was in attendance, but as long as someone has a camera phone we will have video.


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