Video: Kevin Nash Returns to WWE..Powerbombs CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio New Champ

My interest in the WWE started to wane around the same time The Rock decided to do the Scorpion King.  I went years without ever watching Raw or Smackdown.

Occasionally I would watch Wrestlemania, but for the most part I had moved on.

Lately though my interests have been peaked.  I like some of the young guys they are pushing now (The Miz specifically aka Mike from the Real World) and CM Punk has added a spark.

John Cena is still wearing Jorts, but I have been willing to overlook that.

Last night Summerslam took place which is the 2nd biggest WWE event behind Wrestlemania.  It was a very good card specifically because beyond the good back stories all the matches were excellent from a wrestling perspective.

The headline match was John Cena vs. CM Punk for the undisputed WWE Championship, CM Punk won (not cleanly as special guest referee Triple H missed Cena foot on the ropes), but it is what happened afterward that had everyone buzzing.

Kevin Nash who has to be at least 50 now, comes out of the crowd and Jack Knife Powerbombs CM Punk. This allows Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and become the new champ.

Del Rio who is good, but not quite ready for a long championship run, probably won’t hold the belt long, but it was an interesting twist.

Nash aka Big Daddy Cool will serve as Del Rio’s bodyguard.

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