Video: Malaysia Pargo & Laura Govan Fight on Basketball Wives: LA Premiere

I didn’t watch the Basketball Wives: LA premiere.  I had a fantasy football draft, Jets vs. Giants preseason game and running this multi-nickle site took  priority, but let me guess what happened.

Gloria acted innocent, Jackie Christie acted crazy, Draya was called a groupie, a lot of cursing, a lot of eye rolling, bad weaves, red bottoms and ended in a fight?

How close am I?

The fight was between Malaysia Pargo and Shaq’s lover Laura Govan.


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I have no interest in a bunch of old NBA wives who are built like James Harrison, a bunch of young almost basketball Wives who have slept with half of the NBA and a woman who leaves their child at home to hit the club.


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I don’t knock the hustle, make that money, but I am not going to act like it is anything than what it is, drama filled TV for people who like drama.

Same reason I write the stories, is the same reason you watch the show, no matter what you say, you like stuff like this.  I am sort of embarrassed about the fight because as you will see there are other people in the restaurant I am sure their stereotypes of black women was strengthen when they saw this.


12 thoughts on “Video: Malaysia Pargo & Laura Govan Fight on Basketball Wives: LA Premiere

  • scripted just like the other show notice the people in the background never turned around to see what was going on

  • These Skanks are giving black women a bad name, yet we have the media writing articles about them…

  • its entertaining but going beyond that your right my dude its embarassed all them white peoples in the background, 1 of them will be in charge of hiring someone and will overlook the qualified sista for an unqualified white dude or hispanic. Shaunie’s slick instead of her making headlines flippin on Laura for being the straw that broke the camel’s back on their relationship she sits back and makes money off of other chicks doin the dirt for her

  • million dollar question if they make black women look bad, who does Laura Govan make look bad in addition to the women from mob wives and all those other shows?

  • big ugly ass laura started the fight with cute malaysia and got sock in the mouth. u need 2 shut the hell up bitch laura. i don;t like laura. gloria, jackie imani, & kimaha all shit started/ugly bunch of man looking ass old ho’s. malaysia & draya r the 2 most attractive one’s but the other bithches hate on them 4 no reason how sad for black women 2 be this way with each other.

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