Video: Malaysia Pargo & Laura Govan Fight on Basketball Wives: LA Premiere

I didn’t watch the Basketball Wives: LA premiere.  I had a fantasy football draft, Jets vs. Giants preseason game and running this multi-nickle site took  priority, but let me guess what happened.

Gloria acted innocent, Jackie Christie acted crazy, Draya was called a groupie, a lot of cursing, a lot of eye rolling, bad weaves, red bottoms and ended in a fight?

How close am I?

The fight was between Malaysia Pargo and Shaq’s lover Laura Govan.

I have no interest in a bunch of old NBA wives who are built like James Harrison, a bunch of young almost basketball Wives who have slept with half of the NBA and a woman who leaves their child at home to hit the club.

I don’t knock the hustle, make that money, but I am not going to act like it is anything than what it is, drama filled TV for people who like drama.

Same reason I write the stories, is the same reason you watch the show, no matter what you say, you like stuff like this.  I am sort of embarrassed about the fight because as you will see there are other people in the restaurant I am sure their stereotypes of black women was strengthen when they saw this.


12 thoughts on “Video: Malaysia Pargo & Laura Govan Fight on Basketball Wives: LA Premiere

  • i would’ve done the same thing tanya did not stoping the fight she did the right thing. i feel like this, i don’t start i don’t break up shit. tanya know the rest of the women doesn’t like her for no reason.look at the 1st show where jackie told tanya who the f**K IS U. i would’ve answer that big uglyass bitch in the same matter. i wish that draya/tanya both learn how 2 speak up 2 these ho’s. u do not let them question u. ya’ll are grown women 2 answer these bitches back without smiling, b serious, if not they’ll will continued 2 mess with u. that’s good 4 laura ass mal punch the piss out of her. she hurry and kiss mal ass bcuz laura was afaird of her.laura and the rest of these old bitches thought that mal was 2 cute 2 fight.laura hahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think the show is funny but they need 2 grow the hell up. gloria u and ur sister laura r a disgrace 2 black women n ur family. i hope that tami could b on that show. i don’t like these ugly bitter mean bitches at all. malaysia, draya tanya r cool they’re not such ghetto like the rest of them. draya are u bisexual? i ask that question the u was comin’ on 2 malaysia, i’m not mad u both do make a cute women couple.

  • theres only 2 wives on the show.malaysia and,jackie.why are the others girls on? Imani,Gloria,and Laura are haters.if i ever see anyone of them in M.I.A.M.I its on and popin.thats real.come see me bitches!!!!!!!

  • I wish y’all would quit saying Laura and Gloria are black! They’re Latina! Quit blaming everything on black woman!

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