Video of Javaris Crittenton Being Arrested in Cali, His Laywer Eldridge Suggs is Mad

I will say this and we all need to remember one thing, Crittenton is innocent until proven guilty. I agree with his lawyer Eldridge Suggs that the government and police have made it appear that Crittenton is already guilty and the case is closed.

After the initial shock about the story wore off, I do have some questions that I need to be answered.


Did Crittenton mastermind the drive by?

Was Crittenton the only one in the car?

Was Crittenton the lone shooter?

Why would Crittenton randomly shoot at two people if only one was the target?

Did he truly flee to LA as the cops said or was he going to rehab like his lawyer said?

Was he trying to evade police like the FBI said or was he trying to turn himself in from the beginning like his lawyer said?

There are a lot of unanswered questions and while my first impression was that Crittenton was guilty, the police better have all their ducks in a row because if he isn’t and a killer is roaming free that is going to look really bad on their part.

5 thoughts on “Video of Javaris Crittenton Being Arrested in Cali, His Laywer Eldridge Suggs is Mad


  • You are on to something Robert. I implore you to con’t to question and wonder. Did he pull the trigger? I don’t know. Was he seen pulling the trigger or in said SUV? No. The police dropped the ball way before this girl was murdered. SO here is another question,does the “witness” have a deal for the actually robbery in exchange for testimony? How hard is it to pick Javaris out of a line up? How do they know this drive by shooting was in response to the April incident, as opposed to the countless robberies committed (local drug dealers, ect..) in the neigborhood. I suspect this case may actually fall apart…

    I do not know this Jarvis personally, nor do know what he is capable of outside of his basketball skills. However, I am very disturbed by the police handling of this case. I am disturbed by the reporting of this case. This also calls into question many reports I have read or seen. This is not abt race, just plain old lazy police/journalism(ajc/local news). Perhaps I am wrong, should it turn out that way, I will return to your blog and admit as much. Right now he is the big fish, with the line in his mouth. Why through that back?

  • Well as an Atlanta native and huge basketball fan, let me help u out. For the average person in Atlanta, Javaris is no celebrity and most likely wouldn’t be recognized in a Walgreen’s. Meaning, a fair trial is certainly possible. It’s hard for me to believe anybody can be that dumb, but often life has a way of surprising me.

    As for u mentioning the AJC, I will not stand by and have u tarnish their good name. LOL! I’m a fan of their work. Local network news usually sucks, but the AJC is usually pretty in depth and accurate. For the record, they were the ones who uncovered the school cheating scandal.

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