Video: Oregon’s Cliff Harris Admits Smoking Weed & Driving 118 MPH, Cop Lets Him Go

Lets just make one thing clear.

If I committed the following offenses, I would still be in jail.

On Tuesday, Oregon State Police released footage of an officer conducting a traffic stop on Ducks star cornerback Cliff Harris (who was driving, among others, quarterback Darren Thomas). Here’s what you need to know:

  • Harris was allegedly driving 118 miles per hour.
  • Harris admitted  that people in the car had been smoking marijuana.
  • Someone in the car claimed they had smoked it all.
  • Harris asked the officer to search the car. The officer did not search the car.
  • The officer asked Harris for I.D. Harris said he did not have any.
  • The officer determined a passenger was legally able to drive, told him to drive, and let them all go.

Braylon Edwards is thinking about moving to Oregon. Harris has been in trouble since he stepped on the Oregon campus and it isn’t good when the starting quarterback is in the passenger seat while everyone is blowing trees and riding like it is the Indianapolis 500.

Just going 118 MPH is dangerous in itself, but smoking weed while doing it is even more dangerous regardless if it is the driver or not. I don’t trust cops, but if someone commits a clear violation you have to do something, he didn’t even give them a speeding ticket.

You just want the police to be fair and I doubt if these guys didn’t play football he would have been so forgiving.