Video: Pregnant Beyonce Performs “Love on Top” at 2011 in Front of Nets Owner Jay Z


Jay Z has been famous and in the public’s eye for a long time. He is one of the artist I can truly say that I have followed from day one and when I say day one I mean well before “Reasonable Doubt” came out.  I was hearing about the Jay Z before Jaz-O came out with Hawaii Sophie.

One thing about Jay is even when he was happy you could always tell there was a wall up. He explained it came from when his father left him as a kid.

That isn’t unusual for men, to build up these emotional walls for various reasons.

As “Watch the Throne” got closer to its release date, you started to see a different Jay, he was almost giddy life. When the “Otis” video dropped it was as if he was just overjoy about life.

Wonderful thing to see, but out of character for him.

I know from experience there is one thing that will break the most hardcore guy out of character and that is his child. So maybe some of Jay’s exuberance lately has been because he was in the process of trying to create Lil Hova.

At the 2011 MTV Music Awards, Jay’s wife Beyonce announce the heir to the Roc empire is residing in her belly and after her performance of “Love on Top”, one look at Jay and we can safely he is winning.


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