Video: Rapper The Game Takes a Shot a Lebron James’ Mom Gloria in New Song

The sad thing about The Game, he is one of the most talented lyricists to come out of the West to the mainstream for a very long time, but similar to Braylon Edwards he seems to trips himself up a lot.

I think he is Bi-Polar and he is always caught up in his feelings.

He loves 50 Cent, he hates 50 Cent.

Jay Z is his idol then he is dissing Jay Z on the “Otis” beat.  Kayne is his boy, but he wonders why Ye won’t give him any beats after he dissed Jay and Amber Rose when they were together.

He is always whining and crying about something.  Kardashian levels of attention whoring.  Now he is taking shots at Lebron’s mom.

The line is pretty weak to be honest.

“i hit Lebron mom in bron bron’s coupe, with Delonte taping it, we had bons bons too”

Of course his yes men make him believe his verse was on some Big L level which is wasn’t.  Being a yes man, male groupie to a rapper is one of the least respected positions in America and the Philippines.  Add on to the face that people are off dissing Lebron’s mom and onto a more courtesy diss his hairline.

But for The Game he has to get any attention he can since he has a CD coming out that no one is looking forward to.  Maybe if he didn’t burn so many bridges he would be doing more than just watching the Throne of Jay, Yeezy and King James.

7 thoughts on “Video: Rapper The Game Takes a Shot a Lebron James’ Mom Gloria in New Song

  • According to Game…it’s all about joking around

  • the game is just calling it the way he sees it and for myself and millions of his fans out there. I couldnt believe lebron didnt do anything to delante west for tapping his mom. thats suppose to be his teammate. Delante cross the line but lwbron should have done something .who cares if jay z is hes buddy the game will clown on jay z too. Just like naz tore him a new hole.

  • Game is so f—ing lame. Just stop it. You can tell that his career is sinking and he;s desperate like a Kardashian for attention. Yeah he’s an o.k rapper. But the moves he’s making in real life away from rap. Are making it obvious that he’s no mastermind or a gangster. And thug and gangster are two different identities. And I dont think in his heart he’s a thug neither. Only thing he got to make him look tough is his height. But even height can escape a bullet. Game just sitdown and suck a long d–k..

  • I respect your opinions. Nevertheless, if you’re going to offer criticism it would be more inviting and digestible if you checked yourself…literally, your grammar is atrocious, coupled with multiple misspellings. And it’s clear that your opinion is biased, in fact it is so one sided, that any reasonable person can’t help but to wonder if this article was inspired via payoffs. People LISTEN TO THE MUSIC for yourselves, then make your decision…good or bad, but at least its your decision. Not the infected results of bloggers with less education than a newly freed slave.

    • I could not agree more with rob meshings. Well said.

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