Video: Ravens Torrey Smith Earthquake Reaction is PRICELESS

We hope everyone is ok on the East Coast. When the Earthquake hit you could tell they had no clue what was going on and panicked accordingly.

Ravens Torrey Smith was doing an interview when the Earthquake hit, check out how he handled it.

Here is my question, Smith is out in an open field where exactly was he going to run to? I guess he was going to figure it out later, but he wasn’t going to hang around to find out what was going on.

I experienced one earthquake in my life while I was at The Ohio State University. I was saying in a high rise apartment and I was on the 19th floor. All the lights went out and me and my girlfriend had to wait in the bathtub, I literally thought the building was going to come crashing down.

Scariest minute of my life, so I understand Smith’s reaction even if it is quite hilarious.

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