Yankees’ Pitcher A.J. Burnett Gets ‘Dennis The Menace’ Haircut

A.J. Burnett is another case of a player/person making more headlines as their production goes down — as can be seen with Chad Ochocinco and Skip Bayless.

I remember back when Burnett was a Florida Marlin in his younger days. During his tenure with the Marlins, he established himself as a top strikeout pitcher and won a championship with the club in 2003. His early success in Florida would allow him to garner a big contract from the Blue Jays. In short, he was a disaster with Toronto but pulled a Manny Ramirez and managed to go hard in last year with Toronto as he won 18 games and went on to opt out of his contract for a new lucrative one with the Yankees.

As a Yankee, Burnett has been a disappointment when you consider the 5-year 82.5-million dollar contract he signed with them in 2008. His erratic pitching style has led to high ERAs each year that he’s been in New York including a 5.26 ERA in 2010. He’s become so unreliable as a Yankee that there’s been talk about removing him from the starting rotation. In fact, in the past three years as a Yankee Burnett has never won a game in the month of August.

However, he’s got other ways and ideas — off the top of his head literally to make headlines


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