Albert Haynesworth: “New England Is A Career-Saving Place For Me”

I’ve always believe that people get one big opportunity in life to make a positive impact in anything and make a name for themselves. When you hear Albert Haynesworth’s name you normally think of the big, lazy out of shape guy who doesn’t like Black girls.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the perception that Haynesworth wants to have. And I believe that him being a New England Patriot is that big opportunity for him to change his reputation and people’s perception of him.

Haynesworth finally saw his first game action as a Patriots last night against the New York Giants. Haynesworth finished with two solo tackles and contributed on a Giants fumble. Haynesworth spoke to the media after the game and acknowledge how being a Patriot is good for his career.

“I wish I was here earlier,” said the 2008 defensive player of the year. “For me it’s a career-saving place for me to come. I had no idea it would be like this. It’s unbelievable.”

Going to New England was the best move for Haynesworth career. With the strong leadership and winning attitude in the locker room Haynesworth has no choice but to give 110% every game.

I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity. If he does he could be the NFL Comeback Player of the Year at the end of the season.

4 thoughts on “Albert Haynesworth: “New England Is A Career-Saving Place For Me”

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