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Omg r u serious they’re not gonna say exactly what anyone did on a public report all it’s gonna say is what she is charged with who cares if her house was dirty she left a 7 year old home I don’t care how she makes her paper but if she could pay to go tanning she could get a babysitter smh


I am just so tired of these women on every reality show acting as if they don’t put their pants on one leg at a time. Draya is young, beautiful and not afraid of her body. I was a young mother too, I am an RN now and have been a nurse since my kids were 6 and 7 years old. The real reality in most American communities is children are raising themselves, they are bombarded with elements of sexual intent constantly. We have failed our kids with substandard education. Even if they graduate, most can’t perform simple mathematical equations. Jobs are so hard to find, individuals with a diploma remain unemployed. Many young women don’t have a positive role model to emulate. These BBW’s should embrace and mentor her, she has not disrespected them in any way. From the first sight of her, they let all their insecurities show. From the outside looking in they are jealous because she is so gorgeous. Ms. Jackie! she’s the head Bitch on that show and all the other mutts literally sniff and follow. Draya needs to say “ADIEUX” to that circle of faux friends.


I agree too. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, and for those OLDER women to constantly judge and rip her apart for it is saddening. It’s just another classic case of black women being crabs in the barrel. As far as I am concerned, they are all insecure black bitches, excuse my language. God forbid they would actually do something other than what society expects of them stereotypically, and positive role models for this young and obviously misguided woman. Instead, they run off their emotion, like we as women tend to do, and as you said, let their insecurities show. Yes, if this police report is true, then that is horrible. But they didnt like her from the jump, BEFORE they found out about it. SMH @ ALL OF THEM. They are insecure and weak. ESPECIALLY Imani or whatever her name is. They make me SICK!!!


I completely agree! I think they’re [the bbWives]investigation was fueled solely on jealousy. They didn’t like her from jump, because she made them feel insecure about themselves. I’m not backing Draya, because I don’t know whether or not the police report is true or not…And I believe that child endangerment is serious. However,it’s funny how (in this last episode) is show’s Jackie jumping ships because now she has beef w/Laura. For real? So you wanna be Draya’s bestie, now that you don’t like Laura. That’s fake in itself, because the only reason behind that is her trying to get back at Draya. I honestly feel sorry for Draya on some levels. The women haven’t given her a chance, whatsoever– despite what they say. Malaysia is fake as hell… I think she slowed her roll when she realized that she came off as a hoodrat the first episode & realized that she was looking like she was going to be the black sheep, if she didn’t switch up. So far, I think the only 2 “real” chics have left the show (Kimsha & Tonya); Although I didn’t really care for Tonya, I think she was true to herself & consistent. BBWives:LA is nothing but a Mean Girls’Club. They need someone to target & unfortunately, coming into that kind of evironment- Draya didn’t have a chance.


Get fuckin real! I am a young mother. I’m 24 yrs old with 2 daughters and I’m also in school full time for an RN and I would never leave my child alone for any reason! When you have kids you make a conscience decision about the responsibility you assume. If u didn’t want that responsibility and u already fucked up by getting pregnant, there are other options: abortion, adoption, etc. Yes she has a career but that is never an excuse to abandon your son. So for all you dumbasses that are defending her it goes to show what type of person and parent you people are. Being beautiful doesn’t excuse anything. Being beautiful doesn’t make you a good person or even a decent parent. That is terrible what she has done and if she didn’t like answering questions, bitch move around. Nobody forced her to stay there and answer anything. But let’s be honest what did she think was gonna happen. Did she think her publicized failure as a mother wouldn’t come up in a reality show?!


I admire Draya live your life boo. I am 19 and would like to be able to live in the fast lane unfortunately I can’t sooooo do ya thing huuun!!

stacy taylor

just goes to show your immature state of mind and our young ppl. Only concerned about the fast life. Wow shows what kind of mother you will be when you congradulate a women that left her child home alone while she strips. Hope you dont have kids.


you all are Horrible for some reason i just sat here and n saw what some of you wrote. you guys are all insulting each other and judging harshly. to sit there and say (Stacy) “hope you don’t have kids” is fucked up, stay quiet. (Lissete) The Girl made a mistake one which we don’t know is true or not, your not a perfect person so don’t act like one… you all are immature, the things you say could really hurt someone. Stop being Bullies.

Norreal B

its ok for you to have fun… and hey live your life… but you have a son its time for all these naked pic to stop when he get older people he know will see this do you know how fucked up his life would be YES you have a good body and it looks great but looks only get u so far please for your son do something better with your life… im not hating on you at all i love you but it should be more about your son


be fair and be balanced. all of these women have skeletons in their closets, just like everybody else…………….imani – how many kids do you really have your fiance didn’t leave you at the alter for no reason or malaysia – you did the same as draya, jackie – your daughter has a website that accuses you of being an abusive parent, which she updates on a daily basis. laura – where are your scruples, you sleep around and now you went back to your man who you claim abused you, gloria – you are in a very abusive relationship. just like you looked up draya, the others history is on line as well. i am disappointed in the way all of them carry themselves, all of them were groupies and jumpoffs at some point in time. it is sad to say that none of them show anything positive and all of them are very insecure. this show was a good opportunity to show blacks who have made it, however you made it, in a good, positive way. i don’t see where any of them are doing anything positive on their own, all of them are riding coattails.

understand that regardless of whether you want to be or not, these women need to realize that you are a role model to somebody’s child and they need to be the best, most positive role model they can be. fighting over a phone call or something somebody said is plain stupid. realize, that the reason the busybody contacted them in the first place was they just wanted to see you react. being over thirty and hitting forty, all of them act like they are in middle school.

child endangerment is serious and i see no final disposition of draya’s case and i am not here to judge, that’s what the courts are for. i guess what i would like to see a little less reaction and judgement and a lot more proaction. this should have been an opportunity to show her a different way to handle life,it is turning into a cat fight at the drop of a hat.


Amen! I completley agree!! I think all of them think way too highly of themselves, especially Jackie & Malaysia… Fake Fake Fake! We can do better… BBWives of Miami at least have real issues going on. The only problems on LA seem to be drama they create themselves.

They play like they’re trying “take Draya under their wing”, understanding that she is young– but how can they do that with all their judgments, criticisms & w/their Louboutins on her neck? Fake Fake Fake They’re all “sitting pretty” right now, because Draya didn’t expose them– but now I know what she was talking about, when she was saying “Let’s talk about what you did…How about we talk about your past”; again, I’m not taking Draya’s side, but let He who is w/o sin, cast the first stone– and they are heaping some boulders on her.


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